Interview with CS Art Partners


How would you describe your work in 3-5 words?

Color and transparency, movement, interaction

What do you want an audience to take away from your work?

All my works contain a secret, layers, that unfold with time. My paintings can always be discovered from anew, they provide many entrypoints. They have multiple layers that intertwine, which produces movement and vividness. I like the idea of a painting that you can work with as a viewer, that transforms, produces a new standpoint or view. This can also cause confusion, but I think you can really go ways with a good painting.

Moreover my paintings are uplifting, but in a deeper sense than bright colours do!

I focus on themes like reoccurrence, oszillation and transformation, which all have healing qualities.

What did it take for you to be where you are today as an artist?

I always was a painter but after my Fine Arts Studies at Central Saint Martins, London I still was very young and realized,

that I have to find out more about people and life. So I learned at theatres and did my own performances with actors.

These were absolutely daring but rewarding projects.

This brought me to study Fine Arts again, at Udk, Berlin this time with more confidence.

The freedom, I did win after finishing my studies finally allowed me to gain depth and sincerity.

Who are some of your artistic influences?

During my studies at Udk, Berlin and my travel to Mongolia I developed a big interest in the philosophy of daoism.

Here the conception of flux and becoming is much more how I perceive being. In a way you can say that lately Zhuangze,

the chinese philosopher is my biggest influence to my painting.

What do you do when you feel creatively ‚stuck’?

There are plenty less creative things around painting as a professional: I take over the work of promotion and organisation.

This means archival work, photo and print productions, online presentation etc.

Once done with all that stuff, I feel to be really ready to be creative again.

For recreation I walk through the forest. My artist studio is close to a lake and forest and I absolutely enjoy experiencing the light and sound here!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Do not follow fashion! And indeed, if you try to be oh so contemporary, you have to run a lot and you are out of fashion just as fast. I think art that has timeless qualities is much more important!

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you or your work?

My latest body of work is called ILLICO. Illico means Now, At Once! in french and I wanted to hint to the knife- sharp cut of the present in perception, that is so important for my painting.

These paintings were born out of the idea of ​​a room that is turned inside out, and is constantly rotating through both axis.

I am referring to the mathematical form of the rotation torus.

The relationship between inside and outside must always be requestioned in these pictures.

These paintings are puzzling interplays of appearance and disappearance.

The gestural layering of color creates overlays and glazes. The reappearance of the hidden through transparency calls for a constant comparison of the spatial relationships through color.

I will show those works in my next soloexhibiton, opening on the 29.october in Berlin at Centre Bagatelle. There is an artist talk at the 6. of January 2021.

Chiara Seidl

CS Art Partners NY