Franziska Beilfuß's colorful paintings are full of dynamics. Central to them is a multi - layered engagement with processes of transformation in art, nature and society. Formally, Beilfuss' oil paintings are characterized by complex layering and a broad colour spectrum. While her paintings appear very spontaneous and expressive from a distance, up close they reveal the complex working process to which they owe their existence. In order to make the history of the paintings' creation visible, the impasto surfaces are repeatedly interrupted by transparent applications of paint with different textures. They are based on a style of painting that brings opposites into a productive relationship with one another. For example, the multiple and staggered interventions in the very slow-drying oil paint draw attention to the interdependence of spontaneity and patience, which also has a parallel in the relationship between gradual and erratic development in nature. In the same way, the artist's creative process is linked to the activity of the viewer. The complex communication between the colors and surfaces, between opaqueness and transparency, constantly opens up new pictorial spaces.

More recently, in addition to the large - format oil paintings, smaller formats emerge, that explore the principle of layering and transformation from a different perspective.


Franziska Beilfuß studied at the University Of The Arts London, Central Saint Martins, the Freie Universität Berlin and the Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK), where she graduated in 2017 and was awarded the title "Meisterschüler" by the UdK in 2018. In addition to artist residencies, awards and scholarships followed.
Franziska Beilfuß' work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad. The painter lives and works in Berlin.

Internal evidence, oil on canvas, 150 x 110 cm, 2023

Curriculum Vitae


Since 2019 Master Of Fine Arts (Meisterschüler), University Of The Arts Berlin (UdK)

2017-2018 Master- Studies, Painting class (Fine Arts) UdK, Berlin

2012-2017 Fine Arts Studies, UdK, Berlin

2011-2014 Bachelor studies at Freie Universität Berlin, Fine Arts History & Theatre Sciences

2006-2007 Fine Arts- Foundation, Central Saint Martins, Byam Shaw, University Of The Arts, London

Residencies, awards, scholarships

2023 Artprize of the Karin Abt- Straubinger Foundation, Stuttgart

2022 “Begehungen“ Artist Residency, Thalheim

2022 “Neustart Kultur“ stipend for visual artists, Kunstfonds foundation, Bonn

2020 Recognition award of the Bohnenkamp foundation (Franz Hecker stipend)

2016 “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes“ stipend (nomination)

2013 Scholarship and performance- project „Urban Nomads“, Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Broadening of horizons

2021-2022 Scent and Chemistry, online training, Perfumers World and Institute of Art and Olfaction, LA

2008-2010 Performances in the theatre scene of Berlin accompanied by assistances with Dimiter Gotscheff / Volksbühne, Roger Vontobel / Deutsches Theater


One- or two- woman shows

2024 Winners of the Karin Abt- Straubinger Artprize

Abtart Galerie, Stuttgart

2023 Gleichzeitig
Die Brücke, Kleinmachnow (Duo)
with Verena Schmidt


Kunstverein Centre Bagatelle, Berlin

2019 Doppelgänger

Haus 9 Studio, Berlin

2018  Kokon

AIV Bleibtreustraße, Architects Association, Berlin

Groupshows (selection)

2023 Reflective Emotions, Galerie 1565, Hamburg

2022 Begehungen, Plansch, Thalheim

2020 Sleeper in Metropolis, Maus Contemporary, Birmingham (USA)

2019 5 KünstlerInnen, 5 Jahrzehnte, Artcenter Tegel Gallery, Berlin

2018 Academy Positons, Berlin Tempelhof, Hangar 5-6

2018 Meisterschülerausstellung, (degree show) UdK Berlin

2018 Pics or it did not happen, Kunstraum Digital

2017 Pro oder Kontra, Burg Galerie Halle, curated by Julia Kurz & Dr. Jule Reuter, with Wolfgang Tillmanns

2016 Berlin Masters - Silence As Attitude, Arndt Art Agency, Berlin, curated by Philipp Bollmann

2015 young positions, Galerie Pankow, Berlin

2013 Ich beobachte dich, Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin, curated by Anne Naundorf, with Markus Drapper, Jens Klein, Florian Schramm

2013 Urban Nomads, Ulan Bator, Mongolei, (ITI/Goethe Institut/Auswärtiges Amt)




ILLICO, Prof. Dr. Paul Nolte, 2020

Kokon, Théo de Luca, 2018

Schwärmerei, Björn Dade, 2014


5 Jahre, work catalogue, published by Franziska Beilfuß, 2023

Wuchs & Wucher, solo exhibition catalogue (Neustart Kultur, Stiftung Kunstfonds), 2022

Plansch, exhibition catalogue, published by Begehungen Chemnitz, 2022

Illico, solo exhibition catalogue, published by Centre Bagatelle, Text: Prof. Dr. Paul Nolte, 2020 (pdf)

Halbschatten, work catalogue, published by Franziska Beilfuß, 2019

Kokon, work catalogue, Meisterschülerausstellung, Text: Theo de Luca, 2018

Ed.3 "Ich beobachte Dich", exhibition catalogue, published by A.N.C.Projects, ANCurators, 2014 (Ausstellungskatalog, Sezzession)


Maus Contemporary gathers artists from Berlin, Widewalls, 2020

Berlin Art Link, Positions Art Fair, 2018

AIV- Forum, Franziska Beilfuß, Malerei, 1 / 2018


Hismoon Gallery, China, 2024

Franziska Beilfuss, ILLICO, Gespräch mit Christa Nagel, 2021 (Video)

Interview with CS Art Partners NY, 2020

An interview with artist Franziska Beilfuß, by Wolfram Schnelle, 2017


Hommage an Stuttgart, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 2023

Moderne Kunst im Hamburger Binnenhafen, Hamburger Abendblatt, 2023

Kunstfestival “Begehungen“, Grit Krause, Mdr Kultur, 2022

Die Kunst ist da, Freie Presse Kultur, 2022

Kombination aus Verfall und Kunst erweist sich als Attraktion, Freie Presse Lokal, 2022

Illico, Franziska Beilfuß, Centre Bagatelle, Text: Prof. Dr Paul Nolte, 2020

Malerin Franziska Beilfuß im Centre Bagatelle, Berliner Woche, 2020

Pics or it did not happen, Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße, 2018

Kokon, AIV Berlin, 2018

Berlin Masters, 2017

Ich beobachte dich, curated by Anne Naundorf, Kreuzberg Pavillon, 2013


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